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Jassim Hassan


Gulf countries face significant challenges in ensuring that our young people are well integrated into the competitive work environment. We need to address and reduce unemployment, improve access to both work opportunities and further studies. Finally it is crucial we should continue to raise the skills and improve access to quality jobs. Ensuring the people of QATAR have the knowledge and skills needed to make a smooth transition from education to work has been a key focus of our efforts.

The Northfield Training Center supports our strategic vision by bridging the gap between the academic, theoretical realm and the real life employment market. We firmly believe that such an ambitious vision can be achieved through our effective, structured and professional approach to training.

We will help each learner and organization to add value to their skills base and hope to enhance each organization and enrich the knowledge of each human being using our program directly or indirectly.

Mona Alyaqoob


At Northfield Training Center we have two key priorities. Firstly we make sure that students are corporate ready by instilling in them not just good academic grades but developing a well-rounded personality.

Secondly we play a role in connecting the students with the corporate world in achieved through initiatives like global internships, business presentation competition and so on.

Today’s ever evolving corporate world is in dire need of individuals of great personal caliber and comprehensive all round abilities. Thus, Northfield Training Center was built to produce individuals not merely of academic excellence but those who also display exceptional skills and moral principles, belonging to the highest caliber of professionals and, would subsequently be the driving force of the corporate world.

Northfield Training Center has taken several steps towards molding the students, providing them with a wide range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to participate in; as we truly believe personal development is the foundation of personal excellence.

I welcome you to Northfield Training Center with great delight in sharing this success as we continue to grow by leaps and bounds.

Sheraz Ishfaq

Marketing Partner/Trainer

Mr. Sheraz Ishfaq is a Master Corporate Trainer, is associated with many corporations and educational institutions. His experience and association with people from various domains helps him to effectively manage people and their behavior. He is creative and possesses excellent inter-personal management skills. He has conducted training programs on People Management, Leadership, Soft Skills Development and Career Consultancy as well as he has been consistent in nurturing goals towards positive results. He has overall 12 years of experience in Managing People and Specifically 05 Years in the training domain.

He has been associated with corporates like HP, IBM-Lenovo, Mobilink, Telenor and now with NORTHFIELD TRAINING CENTER. He has managed the entire training functions for the corporate sector including Content development, Mentoring trainers and creating leaders. He has been actively associated with people from various cultural backgrounds to bridge the areas in communication and comprehend the changing needs of an organization. His strong passion in human research and behavioral study has made him realize the reality to create niche consistently.

Specialized in:

  • Career Management (5 Courses)
  • Soft Skills Development (25 Courses)
  • Sales and Marketing Strategies (5 Courses)
  • Personality/Behavioral consultancy (3 Courses)

    Mohammad Jamil

    HSE Trainer

    Mr Jamil is an energetic, passionate and innovative Safety Professional who earned +25 years of experience in HSE field while serving top companies of QATAR and UAE and integrates all acquired knowledge for improvement of business processes. He delivers enthusiasm, focus and leadership to engaged and curious people in order to develop value-added experiences.

    Maximizing resources and improving bottom line results through sustainable Health & Safety program implementation, expert leadership in quality and service, team development and forward looking profit & loss management - this is what he has built a solid career on and this is what he does his best. Mr Jamil’s training career includes not only sharing experience in Health & Safety but also project and operations management to his trainees.

    Specialties are: IOSH

    As well as; Safety Risk Assessment, Management & Mitigation, Job Hazard and PPE assessments, SOP Analyses, Safety and Health Programs, Contractor Safety Program Management, Injury Investigation and Prevention, Occupational Safety, Safety Training, Confined Space & LOTO and Systems Safety.

    Malak Al-Shawish

    Miss Malak Al-Shawish is Certified Food Safety trainer and consultant having 2 years of experience in QATAR market to guide Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Food Testing’s & Health Safety environment with Top notch FMCGs and Restaurants.

    Remarkable knowledge in food technology, ensure quality control standards in broad areas of food product inspection and logistics operations. Also provide supervisions, training & ability to drive the organizational performance to world-class levels by maintaining Quality Operations by integrating technical expertise and leadership skills.

  • Leadership training/ workshop from CAPPCO company 2016
  • Level 1, 2 & 3 in Food Safety Awareness in Catering expert
  • Canadian Red Cross – Standard First Aid CPR/AED Level C
  • Qatar Red Crescent – First Aid

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