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Northfield was established in 2015, though it is new to the market in Doha, Qatar; yet it is supported by the team of experienced and dedicated professional at their best in the industry. All professionals at the background of north field are specialized and qualified in their fields. North field is specialized in training of food safety, HR and aviation courses in QATAR. All type of personnel can benefit from the programs offered by north filed, new students to enter in the different fields, existing professional to update and upgrade their knowledge. Northfield is fully approved by supreme council of higher education of QATAR. It has been registered in the ministry of commerce to carry out the commercial activities. In addition, it has been licensed by the local and capital authorities, under the company registration with limited liability (LLC). Northfield is 100% national owned company in Qatar, providing best training services in Qatar

Northfield training center has got into partnership with many national and international training providers to bring quality training to local potential candidate to their door step. At present, we are working with accredited centers to conduct courses in QATAR in different disciplines. At the same time, we are in process to get accreditation from different accreditation bodies around the world. Physical location of north filed is in UMM SALAL town at AL Magdha street 600. However, we are available in our office for business discussions and meetings only. At present, Northfield training center business is supported by the staff of 5 employees, Managing Director, Training Manager, Business Development Manager, Sales & Marketing manager, and office assistant for secretarial work.

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Sticking to an agreement and seeing a project through to completion even when the going gets tough.


Being honest and truthful with yourself and especially with others.


The voluntary act of holding oneself accountable for one's own actions.


Collegiality means more than just getting along with people. It means being a responsible citizen within the University community.


Leadership is an influence, a conviction and a responsibility a team establishes.


Excellence entails giving your very best in every endeavor you undertake.

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Northfield is 100% national owned company in Qatar. Providing best training services in Qatar.