Golden key to open opportunities

One of the most important attribute of successful people is; they never stop neither set boundaries to learn new things. That is why we, the Northfield Training Center, will be the hub of professional and industrial training, to support the people of all backgrounds with their current careers or exploring and trying different careers and fields. As well as giving competitive advantage to those who are already working in their chosen fields.

Northfield Training Center began its operations in 2015 and till date has trained thousands of professionals. We provide a comprehensive range of quality, cost effective, short courses, Diplomas and Project Management solutions to Local Authorities, Private Sector organizations and individuals with;

  • Soft Skills Development
  • Environmental Health & Safety 
  • Human Resources Management
  • Airline & Aviation Courses (Jordan only)
  • Information Technology (Cisco Only)
  • Language courses
  • As well as being capable of assisting with the implementation of organizational wide Training Plans. The courses offered at Northfiled Training Center are in tune with the industry standards and authorized by Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Qatar.

    Northfield Training Center is accredited by the following international bodies: OAKWOOD International, Highfield International, IATA, CISC and IOSH.

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    We are one of the top authorized training center in QATAR with leading professional courses and learning facilities. We owe our success to our highly talented and dedicated team of learning practitioners. We are being chosen to work with; because of our expertise of personal, professional, reflective peer group coaching that is exactly according to very specific needs of students and organizations. We work with senior level executives of world leading and international corporations.

  • Certified Trainers for all courses
  • Authorized by Ministry of information and higher education QATAR
  • Top most professional selective courses
  • Affiliation with concern top international bodies